Re-Districting Hearing in Brooklyn Heights

In response to widespread criticism from elected officials and good government advocates, LATFOR, the state taskforce charged with re-drawing City Council districts every 10 years to reflect the results of the U.S. Census, has withdrawn the redistricting plan it would have presented to Council Speaker Christine Quinn this month and scheduled another round of public hearings in January.

The Brooklyn hearing is scheduled for Thursday, January 10 from 6-9 PM at St. Francis College (Founders Hall), 180 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights (R to Court Street).

Of particular interest to Bay Ridge is LATFOR's having again appended the Bay Ridge Towers, the 800-unit Mitchell-Lama housing complex at the northwest edge of the neighborhood, to Sunset Park in its 2012 map. The Democratic-leaning towers, also carved out of Bay Ridge congressional, assembly and state senate districts, have been relegated to a political no-man's land.

Also unaddressed by LATFOR are complaints of packing and cracking in Boro Park and Canarsie, and a last-minute change moving former Brooklyn Democratic boss and Assembly Member Vito Lopez into a redrawn district where he has a better chance of being elected to the City Council if he loses his State Assembly seat.

Leading the charge against LATFOR and Lopez is Dick Dadey, Executive Director of Citizens Union, joined by New York City Public Advocate Bill deBlasio.

Re-districting doesn't seem like a sexy topic, but for political geeks, there is none sexier.  The party that holds the Gerrymander's reins can control elections.  That's how Republicans, the state's minority party, keep Democrats in check.

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