Bay Ridge Towers Political Outcasts

At a City Council meeting at Borough Hall last week to begin the decennial redrawing of district lines in Brooklyn, Bay Ridge civic activist Linda Orlando and Democratic District Leader for the 60th AD Kevin Peter Carroll advocated bringing the Towers of Bay Ridge, the 811-family Mitchell-Lama high-rises, into the 43rd District with the rest of Bay Ridge, rather than leaving them in the 38th District in Sunset Park.

More than 2,000 people live in the 30-story high-rises, at 65th Street and 4th Avenue.

Orlando, a longtime Towers resident, called on the Council to move the district line two blocks from Wakeman Place back to 65th Street, saying that she and her neighbors are as much a part of the Bay Ridge community as people living south of 65th Street, and should be represented by the same City Council member.

Carroll agreed, saying that Towers residents active in local civic and political organizations feel like the stepchildren of Bay Ridge.

Albany, which cut the Towers off from the rest of Bay Ridge, won't move the district line, he said, but the City Council should do what Albany wouldn't.

The Towers, a middle-class Democratic stronghold, were cut out of Bay Ridge by the Republican-controlled State Senate in the last round of redistricting.

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