Teachout-Wu Campaign Gaining Momentum

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's challenger Zephyr Teachout, with the battle for the ballot behind her but with less than two weeks left before the September 9 Democratic Primary, is barnstorming the state and raising campaign cash.

Teachout sees herself and running mate Tim Wu having a real shot.The likely turnout for the Democratic Primary is 750,000, with thin support for Cuomo among those likely voters. By contrast, Teachout-Wu supporters are energized and mobilized by issues like fracking, school funding and Albany corruption.

According to a recent poll, more than 800,000 New York Democrats now know about the Teachout-Wu campaign, which is quickly gaining momentum, now boasting 4,800 grassroots donors -- about 3,800 more individual donors than Cuomo has -- and 1,500 individual volunteers.

Cuomo's fundraising advantage -- and the ad buys it guarantees -- could become a disadvantage. Look what happened to Eric Cantor, whose campaign spending helped turn out the very voters who kicked him out of office.

Teachout's press has generally been good, and she has received national endorsements:  from PCCC, Progressives United, Lance Lessig, Bertha Lewis, and more, while Cuomo has remained stuck behind #Morelandgate.

Cuomo's stubborn refusal to debate Teachout, and the fear and corruption seeping out of his first term, will work against him, Teachout says.

After her endorsement this week by the Sierra Club, the National Organization for Women and The Nation magazine, Teachout set off on a 3-day cross-state "Whistleblower Tour", stopping in 18 cities, towns and villages. On Day One, the campaign visited a luxury Manhattan highrise owned by Extell, target of a Moreland Commission subpoena.

On the Tour, Teachout has also met with staff and residents at Valley View Center for Nursing Care and Rehabilitation, a state-run facility threatened by privatization; visited Montrose, PA, to see first-hand the devastating effects of fracking; met with "fracktivists" in Binghamton who are trying to keep fracking out of New York State; and listened to Buffalo whistleblowers tell the sordid tale of "Pigeongate" which figures in the Moreland Commission report.

Calling for an end to corrupt politics in New York State, the Tour, which highlights tales of public corruption, has scheduled stops in Rochester, Watkins Glen, Syracuse, Albany, East Greenbush, Ghent, Woodstock, Kingston, New Paltz, White Plains, Queens, and Uniondale. (See the complete agenda here.)

You can volunteer for the Teachout campaign here or donate  here.

The campaign is also on Facebook and Twitter.

View Teachout's first campaign video here.

Click here for volunteer resources, including downloadable flyers and palm cards.

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