Teachout Scores Cuomo's "Feel-Bad Soviet-Style Vibe"

Progressive Democrat Zephyr Teachout, challenging Governor Andrew Cuomo in this fall's Democratic Primary, is looking for purchase in the wake of the Moreland Commission scandal.

Characterizing her campaign as a "fight for the soul' of the New York State Democratic Party, Teachout is touting her freedom from big developers and fracking.

Corruption scholar Larry Lessig agrees with Teachout that this primary may be the most important money-in-politics race of the American political year.

Cuomo, according to a Bloomberg News report, has taken $650,000 in campaign donations from developers who reaped tax credits for refurbishing still-contaminated industrial sites.

After laying low for nearly a week in the wake of news that a top aide had ordered the pullback of Moreland Commission subpoenas, Teachout said, Cuomo, at a staged "puppet show" presser where he dodged all questions about his own role, failed "the most basic test of leadership: explaining your actions."

The Cuomo presser was described by NY 1 Political Director Bob Hardt as having a "feel-bad Soviet-style vibe." In the aftermath, Cuomo, his credibility eroding, has reportedly been calling journalists to try get them to drop the Moreland story, as U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara presses ever closer.

Teachout, who predicts the continued slippage of Cuomo's facade, sent out an email blast today seeking $35 donations to build a field operation to get out the Democratic vote on Primary Day.

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