Teachout Scores a Ballot Line

"Game on", crowed Fordham law professor Zephyr Teachout in an email blast to supporters today after surviving a Brooklyn Supreme Court challenge to her New York State residency by Gov. Andrew Cuomo's legal team.

She followed up with a press release posted to her website.

Still standing after Cuomo's bruising attempt to push her off the ballot, Teachout quipped that, in Andrew Cuomo's New York, there isn't supposed to be a primary.

In an ironic sidebar, Supreme Court Justice Edgar G. Walker cited the infamous People vs. O'Hara residency case in his decision, prompting Bay Ridge native John O'Hara, the defendant in that case, to crack that had Cuomo granted him a long-sought pardon, he could have preempted that precedent.

Cuomo's attorneys are appealing the decision.

Teachout's first order of business, having scored a ballot line, was to call on Cuomo, who has refused to debate her, to agree to a series of debates. New Yorkers deserve to hear the candidates on important issues like schools, fracking, public corruption, and the economy, she said, reasoning that if Cuomo's willing to take her on in court, he should be willing to take her on in an auditorium.

What the Times-Union has called "opposition research" -- picking apart an opponent's voting and candidacy qualifications -- is a particularly nasty feature of New York politics. 

You can follow Teachout on Facebook and Twitter or visit the website here.

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