Teachout, Fighting for the Ballot, Sees Cuomo's Poll Numbers Fall

The primary campaign of upstart progressive Democrat Zephyr Teachout, challenging incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic Primary just 34 days away on September 9, faces a life-or-death moment in court tomorrow as Cuomo attorneys challenge her residency.

The Teachout campaign sees Cuomo's challenge as harassment: a  tactic to weaken Teachout's momentum and shrink her campaign's base of support.

A group of Teachout campaign supporters is pushing back by launching an unprecedented crowdfunding campaign to pay the costs of hiring election lawyers to defend her.

The campaign will host a solidarity rally in Columbus Park to walk the candidate into State Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll, Governor Cuomo's numbers have hit an all-time low, giving the Teachout campaign hope that primary voters might be starting to see the upcoming election as about more than just the Moreland Commission meltdown.  

The pulled-back Moreland Commission subpoenas, according to a Teachout spokesperson, were merely a glimpse into Cuomo's crony capitalist, corporate welfare New York State, where the only big winners are the big campaign contributors.

The billions in tax subsidies scored by Cuomo supporters, Teachout said, are why New York's schools are underfunded and its small businesses and homeowners are overtaxed.

While most government insiders still see Cuomo's re-election as inevitable due to his big donor support, which has meant media invisibility for the Teachout campaign, Teachout isn't giving up on changing people's minds.

Teachout, endorsed by the Progressive Change Committee, was described in this recent New York Times article:
"As a law professor, currently at Fordham, Ms. Teachout has focused on anti-corruption, and her anger, shared by so many, over the governor’s failed promises to eradicate the carousel of bribery and pernicious influence in Albany has been central to her campaign. 
Lawrence Lessig, the eminent legal academic and advocate of campaign finance reform, has called Ms. Teachout’s bid 'the most important money-in-politics race of the year.' 
What may turn out to be most offensive to female voters in this race is the fact that last month Mr. Cuomo’s running mate cravenly announced the creation of a brand new Women’s Equality Party, which would be endorsing the governor. Many working women may decide that they could best support the causes of working women by voting for one for governor."
The Teachout campaign is hosting a conference call today with campaign supporters to discuss strategy that will be livestreamed on Youtube.

There are upcoming Teachout campaign gatherings and house parties in New York City, Albany, Buffalo and Rochester.

You can contribute to the campaign here.

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