StreetsPAC Endorses Kemmerer for State Senate

With primary elections just weeks away, New York's first-ever livable streets political action committee, StreetsPAC, has issued first-round state-level endorsements.

Much of what happens on the streets of New York City, and every other town and city in the state, said StreetsPAC board member Glenn McAnanama, is dictated by what happens -- or doesn't happen -- in Albany.  StreetsPAC backs candidates, from towns big and small, who are committed to making streets safer.

StreetsPAC backs candidates who support expansion of traffic-calming measures; bigger and better public transit; better investigation of fatal pedestrian and cyclist strikes; and better traffic enforcement.

In Brooklyn District 22 (Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights), StreetsPAC has endorsed Democrat James Kemmerer, a tech entreprenuer, over incumbent Republican/Conservative State Senator Marty Golden.

Kemmerer, StreetsPAC said, supports getting cut-through traffic off residential streets; expanding walkable street events like Summer Stroll; providing better elevator access to subway stations; modernizing train controls; and upgrading bus infrastructure.  He has also called for revising the toll structure on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and has endorsed the MoveNY plan to rescue New York's neglected transportation infrastructure.

The New York State primaries are scheduled for September 9, with the general election following on November 4. StreetsPAC plans to issue more endorsements within that timeframe.

The article from Streetsblog.

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