No Love for Cuomo in Prospect Heights

At a candidate debate last night in Prospect Heights, two of three candidates running for retiring Brooklyn Assembly Member Joan Millman's seat told the Observer that they're voting for Gov. Andrew Cuomo's long-shot primary challenger Zephyr Teachout in the September 9 Democratic Primary. The third was undecided.

At the event at Duryea Presbyterian Church in Prospect Heights, Democratic district leader Jo Anne Simon, union lobbyist Pete Sikora and civil engineer Doug Biviano joined other locals in slamming Cuomo, who controls the board of the State University of New York, operator of the now-deceased Long Island College Hospital, for its death and dismemberment.

Sikora and Biviano unambivalently support Teachout.  Simon, still weighing a vote for Teachout, characterized Cuomo as "against the community" on LICH. Biviano noted that Cuomo took tens of thousands of dollars from associates of the owners of the Fortis Property Group, winner of the bidding war to buy and re-develop LICH.

While crediting the governor for legalizing same-sex marriage, Biviano cast Cuomo as a failed reformer who budgets like a Republican and whose aides stuck their noses in the business of his "independent" Moreland Commission.

The Will Bredderman article from the Observer.

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