Human-Powered Boating at the Bay Ridge Eco-Dock

If you're a human-powered boater and want to launch from the Bay Ridge Eco-Dock, it will be open to human-powered boats through December 1 of this year and from April 1 through December 1 of 2015.

In order to get the necessary permissions to use the Eco-Dock, you have to first email the Parks Department Chief Dockmaster at: bayridgeecodock@parks.nyc.gov

All human-powered boats using the Eco-Dock must have and be able to show a current NYC Parks launch permit. How do you get a launch permit?  You'll find instructions on how to get a permit here.

The Parks Department will supply you with the entry code and brief you on recommended safety boating practices. The entry code will be changed periodically, and you will be notified when that happens.

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