100 Days out, Kemmerer Calls for Donations

In an email blast on the 100th day before the November election, Democrat James Kemmerer, challenging longtime-incumbent Republican/Conservative State Senator Marty Golden,  laid out three reasons to donate to his campaign:
  • Kemmerer has received 74% of his donations from small donors, compared to the 72% of Golden campaign donations from corporations, PACs and special interest groups.
  • In just 6 weeks, Kemmerer has enlisted 1/2 as many donors as Golden has added in the past 6 months.
  • NY State has a historic opportunity to pass landmark Fair Elections reform, get big money out of politics, and fight corruption in Albany, something Marty Golden has failed to do in 12 years of Albany "Pay to Play", Kemmerer said.
This election presents a clear choice between someone who can be counted on to represent the special interests and someone who can be counted on to represent the voters of District 22, so very donation to his "people-powered" campaign counts, said Kemmerer.

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