Three Bay Ridge Feral Cats on Death Row at ACC

This is what mortal terror looks like.

Scooby, Fred and Ethel are three neutered, ear-tipped feral cats that were living in a small Bay Ridge colony managed by an elderly local homeowner.

When their elderly caretaker sold his house and moved away, he made no provision for the cats who depended on him, leaving them behind.

The buyer of his home, who wanted to be rid of the cats, had them trapped and taken to Brooklyn ACC, where they are now on death row.

Death is the only option for feral cats that end up at ACC and are not pulled by feral caretakers.

Time is running out for these poor creatures. Feral cat organization Neighborhood Cats is seeking to relocate them together, which would require re-homing them by confining them together for 3-4 weeks at a secure, private location in the new territory.

If you can save the lives of these cats by re-homing them to a new territory, please contact: lois@neighborhoodcats.org. 

Time is of the essence.

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