Teachout Campaign Raising Money for Election Lawyers

In an email blast today, upstart progressive Democrat Zephyr Teachout, who, as of July 8, had reportedly collected about 45,000 signatures in her bid to get on the ballot for the Democratic Primary this fall, called on her campaign supporters to help raise $20,000 for lawyers to defend her petitions.

In the "blood sport" of politics, said Teachout, Andrew Cuomo's $33 million warchest allows him to spend an unlimited amount on election lawyers to keep her and running mate Tim Wu off the ballot.  If that happens, she said, progressive Democrats won't get the chance to vote against Cuomo and his Republican coalition platform in the Democratic Primary this fall.

No one, she said, expected her to pull together a campaign and jump the hurdles facing her as a progressive insurgent as quickly as she has.  But the hundreds of New Yorkers who have stepped up to give $5, $15, or even $50 have brought her campaign this far in record time, she said.

With just 24 hours left before the campaign has to file its petitions, Teachout has called on supporters to donate now, so that it can back up its petitions with legal muscle.

If Albany shared the values of the New York State electorate, said Teachout, the State Legislature would have already passed campaign finance reform, fair funding for education, the Women's Equality Act, and a fracking ban.  But Gov. Cuomo, she said, who prefers Republicans and rogue Democrats to real Democrats, is a big reason why that hasn't happened.

More from the New York Post, which looks to be the only New York City daily covering Teachout.

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