Stringer Launches ClaimStat

City Comptroller Scott Stringer has launched ClaimStat, a first-of-its-kind IT initiative that analyzes all claims filed against the City, from fallen tree limbs to medical malpractice.

This year alone, settlements and judgments resulting from claims against the City are projected to cost taxpayers $674 million, with the cost rising each year.

Claims against the City show where its potentially costly problems and future liabilities are. ClaimStat, a data-driven approach to risk management, flags the warning signs, giving city agencies a heads-up about the potential for claims and a chance to reduce their liability.

For example, ClaimStat showed that behind several multi-million dollar falling limb claims settlements were cuts to the city's tree-pruning budget. It cost the city $11.5 million to settle just one falling limb claim in 2009, two times the Parks Department’s annual tree pruning budget. After the City Council put the funds for tree-pruning back in the budget, the number of falling limb claims dropped. 

ClaimStat can help all City agencies manage risk.

To see what types of claims are most common in Bay Ridge and across the City,  read Stringer's report and interactive maps.

Just as the NYPD's CompStat program did for precinct captains, ClaimStat allows agency heads to analyze claims costs and use that analysis to proactively reduce risks.

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