Metal Lathers and Reinforcing Iron Workers Local 46 Endorses Kemmerer

Metal Lathers and Reinforcing Iron Workers Local 46 has endorsed Democrat James Kemmerer in the race for the State Senate seat in the 22nd District, where a large portion of the local's membership lives.

In a statement urging his members to vote for Kemmerer, Local 46 president John Skinner said the union only supports candidates who will fight for working class families in Albany on issues like education, income inequality, jobs, wages and workers' rights, on which he knows Kemmerer will be "right there with us." 

Skinner characterized the Republican-Conservative incumbent Marty Golden, who crossed a union picket line in his own district a few years ago, as out of touch with the membership of Local 46. He is glad, he said, to have a candidate like Kemmerer, who understands what working families are going through -- and can be trusted never to cross a picket line.  

In accepting the endorsement, Kemmerer said he knows how hard the members of Local 46 work and understands the financial toll of raising a family in Brooklyn, promising to be an ally of working people.

Kemmerer, a small business owner for over 14 years, lives in Bay Ridge with his wife Elisha and their two-year- old son, Jerome.  You can learn more about his campaign at jameskemmerer.com.

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