Cuomo Tries to Kick Teachout-Wu off the Ballot

According to an email blast today from their campaign, Governor Andrew Cuomo has expectedly deployed his legal team to kick upstarts Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu off the Democratic gubernatorial primary ballot this fall, submitting a "general objection" to the approximately 45,000 petition signatures gathered by their campaign supporters.

The campaign now has 7 days to defend its petitions by deploying a team of lawyers and other volunteers to painstakingly look up and defend every signature it has submitted, signature by signature.  To help do that, camapign manager Mike Boland has called on campaign supporters for $5 donations.

Losing the bid for the ballot to Cuomo would mean losing the chance for real democracy in New York State, Boland said. Not only does the "tryannical" Cuomo want to kick Teachout, who has called him a "trickle-down Republican", off the ballot for the Democratic Primary this fall, he won't agree to debate the legal scholar and Fordham Law professor, he said.

According to this Business Insider article, the Cuomo campaign has also dispatched its operatives to pose as protesters at Teachout events. 

You can follow the Teachout-Wu campaign, headquartered at 225 Broadway, Suite 1902 in lower Manhattan, on Twitter or Facebook.

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