Teachout Campaign Mounts Petition Drive

Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu, challenging Andew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul to a Democratic primary in the runup to the state gubernatorial election, are racing against time to collect enough signatures on petitions to get their names on the primary ballot.

According to an email blast from the campaign this week, the team was still short 45,000 signatures from registered Democrats.  The campaign estimates that this is the number it will need by July 7th to withstand anticipated challenges by the Cuomo campaign's election lawyers.  As savvy pols know, getting on the ballot is as hard-fought a battle as the rest of the campaign.

Teachout and Wu mounted a state-wide petition drive this weekend, emailing everyone who had signed up to volunteer for their campaign asking them to join the effort.

The New York Social Justice PAC will call on its members to get involved with the campaign tomorrow (Sunday) at 6 PM. Details on the website and Facebook.

AT 11 AM tomorrow in Manhattan, Teachout will march in the Pride Parade with the Jim Owles Democratic Club.

You can keep up with Teachout - Wu for New York on Twitter or Facebook. The Campaign is headquartered at 225 Broadway, Suite 1902 in Manhattan.

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