Run, Zephyr, Run

According to a recent poll, 73% percent of responding New York State MoveOn members would vote for a progressive challenger to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

As the New York Post reported yesterday, their wish has come true: Fordham law professor Zephyr Teachout is challenging Cuomo to a primary, announcing her campaign team and seeking the endorsement of the progressive Village Independent Club.

The VID is now circulating petitions to get Teachout's name on the ballot and plans to announce a lieutenant governor candidate shortly.

Former field director Mike Boland has left the Working Families Party to run Teachout's campaign, and her treasurer is labor lawyer Arthur Schwartz.

Teachout said she hopes to raise enough money to mount a "credible" campaign, promising to "tell the truth" to voters.

That would be refreshing.

Last month, the insurgent Teachout boldly challenged Cuomo for the WFP ballot line. Cuomo held her off only with the help of Mayor Bill de Blasio and the leaders of the unions that bankroll the WFP.

As the price of the WFP endorsement -- and of holding off the combined forces of MoveOn, Teachout, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, DFA, and other state allies at bay -- Cuomo was forced to support a progressive agenda that includes raising the minimum wage to $10.10 and letting localities across New York—including New York City—set their own minimum wage, up to $13/hour; to support passage of the "Dream Act" and the full 10-point Women's Equality Agenda; to support decriminalizing marijuana and publicly-financed elections; and to commit to corralling the rogue Independent Democratic Caucus, returning it to the Democratic Party and fulfilling the WFP agenda.

To keep the pressure on, MoveOn has put together a "Cuomo Accountability Team" that will be watching the Governor to see if he makes good on his promises.

The article from the New York Post.

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