James Kemmerer Announces State Senate Bid

Democrat James ("Jamie") Kemmerer has announced a run against incumbent Republican State Senator Marty Golden, officially launching his campaign today with the following statement:
"Several weeks ago I announced my intentions to run for the State Senate to represent New York’s 22nd district in south Brooklyn. Today we are officially announcing our campaign.
I’ve been a small business owner for over 14 years. My wife Elisha and I live in Bay Ridge and are the proud parents of a 22 month old son named Jerome. We understand the tough choices middle class families face each day, and for us New York’s future is our family's future.
The economic recession, political division, and government dysfunction driven by increasing corruption must end. This is why I have decided to run for State Senate. I’m a problem-solver by profession, and I look to apply my skills to local issues including Hurricane Sandy recovery. My family and I have worked providing food relief, helping with demolition and I continue to work on policy and advocacy for the families affected by the storm. 
The current generation is the first in American history not expected to do better than their parents. This is unacceptable. I’m running for the State Senate because I believe the solutions to our problems are within our grasp. We just need a government working for the people, not the big money special interests who fund political campaigns and buy our politicians."
The 41-year-old Kemmerer, a Bay Ridge resident endorsed by local Democratic club Bay Ridge Democrats, has a campaign website.

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