Golden: Hynes an "Honest Player"

The New York Observer and the Albany Times-Union report that, at a GOP rally Tuesday night, State Senator Marty Golden defended crony Charlie Hynes, who, according to a bombshell city Department of Investigation report this week, violated the State Criminal Code and city Conflict of Interest rules by paying a campaign aide in drug forfeiture money, drafting prosecutors as campaign advisers and tapping a judge for legal advice and campaign favors, as "an honest player."

How are we defining "honest", here, Marty?

After asserting that Hynes was innocent of any wrongdoing, Golden waffled, saying he was reserving judgment until he had read the DOI report, based on a review of about 6,000 emails that passed through Hynes's office email account in the 18 months leading up to the 2013 election.

A loyal Golden praised Hynes as a social activist who, as D.A., had put together programs that helped a lot of families.

After Hynes lost the 2013 Democratic primary to challenger Ken Thompson, Golden was among those who urged Hynes to run on the Republican/Conservative line so he could take another shot at winning -- something the lifelong Democrat had promised, before he lost the primary, he wouldn't do.

The article from the Observer.

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