"David and Me" Gets Glowing Review

"You need to see this film now, and then do whatever you can to get this man out of prison", said Brooklyn Brief's Matthew Taub, reviewing "David and Me", the Ray Klonsky documentary about Bushwick native David McCallum, for the Brooklyn Eagle.

This "layered, intricate and extremely well-executed portrait", said Taub, tells the story of a then-teenaged suspect's coerced 1985 murder confession, in the absence of any physical evidence and where other suspects were clearly implicated.

Now nearly 30 years into a 25-to-life sentence for a murder he didn't commit, McCallum may die in jail. 

Oscar Michelen, McCallum's pro bono attorney, who appears in the film, has asked Brooklyn D.A. Ken Thompson to refer McCallum's case to his office's Conviction Review Unit. There are no developments in that process so far.

In the meantime, Taub said, you should see this film.

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