Cohen Agrees to Spare the Kentile Letters

According to an email blast yesterday from City Council Member Brad Lander, Ely Cohen, of C and F Second Avenue LLC/Regal Home Collection, which owns Gowanus icon the Kentile sign, has agreed to try to spare at least the big red letters when demolishing the sign and to donate them to the Gowanus Alliance, a not-for-profit business organization dedicated to preserving the neighborhood.

The Kentile sign is essentially a ripened demolition-by-neglect scenario -- the effects of the long-deferred maintenance of the sign and the underlying warehouse were aggravated by Hurricane Sandy.  At this point, it would cost Cohen more to preserve the structure than to demolish it, et voila.

Cohen at least acknowledges that the sign means something to the Gowanus community. After meeting with Lander and Paul Basile, founder/director of the Gowanus Alliance, he readily agreed to try to preserve the letters of the sign and to pay the extra costs of removing them intact -- if that can be done. 

The article from the New York Times.

More from the Brooklyn Paper.

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