"Brooklyn Housing Matters: Tackling Affordability" at St. Ann's

The world is drawn to the vibrant, creative, quirky vibe that typifies Brooklyn. But Brooklyn's still-diverse appeal comes at a high price: its neighborhoods are under assault by development. How can the Borough defend its unique and flavorful lifestyle against the onslaught?

This is the loaded subject to be discussed at "Brooklyn Housing Matters: Tackling Affordability", a community forum and panel discussion on the future of affordable housing in Brooklyn, at 7 PM on Thursday, June 24 at St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church at 157 Montague Street (@ Clinton) in Brooklyn Heights.

New York Public Radio Urban Policy reporter Cindy Rodriguez will moderate the event, featuring a panel that includes Council Member Steven Levin; Caitlyn Brazil, VP of Strategic Partnerships at CAMBA; and Aaron Koffman, Director of Affordable Housing for developer Hudson Companies.

What does "affordable housing" mean to a Brooklyn confronting a gentrification invasionary force -- monster Manhattan-style high-rises threatening to blot out light, air and sun in low-rise neighborhoods; old settlers priced out -- or harassed out -- of their own neighborhoods; rampant development crushing public buildings, parks, churches, hospitals and Brooklyn landmarks; the proliferation of cheap, ugly condos; the wholesale subdivision of single-family homes into multiple dwellings and rooming houses, effectively up-zoning formerly low-density neighborhoods like Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights?

The event is part of a series, The Forum @ St. Ann’s, which seeks to engage the community talking about the arts, ideas, and civic life. Housing issues are on the minds of every Brooklyn resident. This urgent topic will be explored with a panel willing to ask the hard questions, like these, about Brooklyn's future:
  • What does “affordability” mean, and who is it for? 
  • What happens to the evicted, foreclosed, displaced, unemployed, elderly and disabled? 
  • How can we keep developers from ruining the unique character of our neighborhoods? 
  • How can we hang onto our traditional communities, once gentrification begins? 
Come prepared with hard questions for the panel, and please share this event with your respective networks.

For more information, contact Bev Cheuvront at (718) 287-2600 ext. 20265 or Fr. John Denaro at 718-875-6960; email office@stannholytrinity.org, or visit the website.

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