BJ's Wholesale Club Grand Opening

Update:  According to Bensonhurst Bean, BJ's opened its doors to the public on September 13, although the Grand Opening ceremony won't take place until September 20. The store opening was kept very low-profile [Brooklyn Paper.]

Update: Bensonhurst Bean reports that the grand opening has been postponed. According to the BJ's information center, the new date is September 20.

Bensonhurst Bean reports that BJ's Wholesale Club is hosting a Grand Opening at its newly-completed 200,000 megastore on the ground floor at The Bay Center, at 1752 Shore Parkway, on July 12. The 2-story building, developed by Thor Equities, will also house second-floor commercial tenants when completed sometime this year. Construction began in December, 2012.

BJ's is expected to be both blessing and curse, bringing an estimated 250 jobs to the area, but drawing customers away from neighborhood businesses.

BJ's mailed flyers to Bay Ridge residents this week offering limited-time-only BJ's Rewards Memberships, which can be activated as follows: 
  • Online at BJs.com/brooklyn
  • In person at BJ's Brookyn/Bensonhurst Information Center at 1218 Neptune Aveniue 11224 (Ph. 800-393-9881) from Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM, or Sunday Noon to 6 PM; or
  • By phone (BJ's and Inner Circle) at 800-BJS-CLUB(257-2582), Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM, Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM, or Sunday from Noon to 6 PM. 
  • For business memberships, call 800-393-9881.

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