The 2014 "Soldier Show" at Fort Hamilton

The civilian public is invited to the 2014 U.S. Army "Soldier Show", from 2-6:30 PM on Wednesday, May 28 at Fort Hamilton Army Base in Bay Ridge.

There will be two performances at Fort Hamilton Sports and Fitness Center Gymnasium (bldg 402): the first is at 1400 hrs (2 PM) and the second at 1830 hrs (6:30 PM).

Presented by Army Installation Management, the show is a high-intensity 90-minute musical program showcasing the talents of real active duty U.S. Army soldiers.

"Stand Strong," this year's production, explores the strength, character and resiliency required of Army soldiers, and celebrates the families and communities that support service members.

All guests must register in advance in order to avoid delays at the gate. You can register via the website.

Call 718-630-4040 for more information.

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