Second Rally to Save Bishop Ford

According to the Facebook event page, alumni of Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School in Windsor Terrace have organized a second rally at the 52-year-old school at 3 PM on May 18.

According to the Daily News, a group of alumni, including Joe DeMauro, a Bishop Ford fundraiser for 20 years, have submitted a financial proposal to the board of directors that projects annual pledges of $1.5 million, totaling $6 million over the four-year period ending 2017. Prominent Bishop Ford alumni, including L.A. Clippers coach Armond Hill, former Boston Red Sox pitcher John Halam and billionaire music mogul Jimmy Iovine will be asked to contribute.

DeMauro and the alumni have mounted a "Save Bishop Ford" GoFundMe page through which they hope to raise $2 million in tax deductible donations by the end of the school year. Since last week, the site as pulled in over $30,000 in pledges.

Based on a projected enrollment of 440 for the school year beginning in September, the DeMauro/alumni proposal would also build enrollment by lowering tuition while temporarily capping operating costs.

According to board chair Myles Davis, the alumni plan is a "longshot", given that the school owes the Diocese of Brooklyn $2.5 million and the IRS $4.1 million. 

Principal Thomas Arria dropped the news on shocked parents on April 21 that the school was closing.

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