Rooftop Films at Navy Yard, Can Factory, Industry City

Rooftop Films' Memorial Day week offers a historic ride across Brooklyn, from the Brooklyn Grange to the Old American Can Factory to Industry City. See a program of short films about rural life at the world's biggest rooftop farm; a NY premiere that promises a radical after-party; and deep-dish animation shorts.

Check out the lineup:

Thursday, May 29
Off The Beaten Path

Venue: Brooklyn Grange rooftop, 63 Flushing Avenue, Building #3 at Brooklyn Navy Yard. (G to Clinton/Washington Avenue. Walk down Lafayette Avenue. Left on Clinton Avenue and continue to Flushing Avenue security gate. To get to the rooftop farm, enter the Navy Yard at Clinton and Flushing Avenue and tell the guard at the gate you're heading up to Brooklyn Grange at Building 3. (*Be prepared to show photo ID.)

8:00PM Doors open/New Amsterdam Spirits reception
8:30PM Live music by Bell's Roar
9:00PM Screening

ALAGOAS - BRIGHTON (Jeremiah Zagar | USA | 5 min.)
FUNNEL (Andre Hyland | 7 min.)
ONCE UPON A TREE (Marleen van der Werf | Netherlands | 15 min.)
WHALE VALLEY (HVALFJORDUR) (Gudmundur Gudmundsson | Reykjavik, Iceland | 15 min.)
NOTES ON BLINDNESS: RAINFALL (Peter Middleton | UK | 4 min.)
BOYHOOD (AYIOKISHO) (Jonah Rosenthal | 4 min.)
CARGO CULT (Bastien Dubois | 11 min.)
BROOKLYN FARMER (Michael Tyburski | 26 min.)

Friday, May 30
Ping Pong Summer
(Michael Tully | 92 min.)

Venue: On the roof at Old American Can Factory, 232 3rd Street at 3rd Avenue. F/G to Carroll/R to Union.)

8:00PM Doors open
8:30PM Live Mmusic
9:00PM Film begins
11:30PM After-party

It's the summer of 1985. American teens flip over Run DMC and the “Suicide” (a dash of every soda). Cliques are in and ping pong is fly. Rad Miracle, a dweeby 13-year-old white boy, arrives with his family in Ocean City, Maryland ready to take it all in.

With Ping Pong Summer, writer/director Michael Tully evokes vibrant childhood memories of embarrassing parents, first crushes, bullies, and the adolescent sense of limitless possibility. For Rad, those possibilities include becoming a gnarly ping pong player and breakdancer. But it isn’t until fellow dork Teddy shows Rad the local FunHub arcade -- games, slushies and ping pong – that Rad begins to come out. With $20 from his mom, a ping pong buddy and the attention of a pretty girl, Rad takes on the world -- until local bully Lyle Ace shows up and things get hellacious.

Ping Pong Summer is a straight-up throwback, with characters out of a comic book of 80’s coming-of-age movies cast in an alternate universe.  Flaunting nostalgic illustrated titles, freeze frames, neon-hued set decoration, and tubular outfits, Ping Pong Summer is a sweet memory piece that mines all the tropes, kinda like a “Suicide."

Special performance by John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band

Ping pong party after.

Saturday, May 31
Dark Toons

Venue: The roof at Industry City, 220 36th Street. (D, N, or R to 36.)

8:00PM Doors open
8:30PM Live music by Lydia Ainsworth
9:00PM Films begin
11:30PM After-party

Running the gamut of animation techniques -- clay, puppets, zoetropes, 2D, 3D -- these animated shorts will mystify, terrify and break your heart.  An unforgettable journey.

ASTIGMATISMO (Nicolai Troshinsky | Moscow | 4 min.)
IN THE AIR IS CHRISTOPHER GRAY (Felix Massie | London | 10 min.)
THE SHIRLEY TEMPLE (Daniela Sherer | UK | 10 min.)
THE OBVIOUS CHILD (Stephen Irwin | 12 min.)
MOOON (James Kwan | 6 min.)
THE CAKETROPE OF BURTON’S TEAM (Alexandre Dubosc | France | 2 min.)
PANDAS (PANDY) (Matus Vizar | 12 min.)
LE LABYRINTHE (Mathieu Labaye | 9 min.)
ME + HER (Joseph Oxford | California | 12 min.)
BATHS (Tomek Ducki | Poland | 4 min.)
CODA (Alan Holly | 9 min.)

Also this week in Brooklyn, Rooftop Films will screen Lukas Moodysson's We Are The Best, Hugh Sullivan's The Infinite Man, and New York Non-Fiction.

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