Rockaway/BAT Ferry Extended through Summer

According to a Brooklyn Magazine report via amNY, Rockaway Ferry service, which began as a stop-gap in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy -- and now includes a stop at Brooklyn Army Terminal -- has been extended through October, 2014, pending City Council approval of Mayor Bill deBlasio's proposed budget.

The city's Economic Development Corporation has announced that the mayor’s new budget allocates $2 million to continue ferry operations through mid-fall, in the hope that a private ferry service will take over the route when public funding ends.

The ferry has been a godsend for Rockaway commuters, offering stops at BAT and at Wall Street and 34th Street in Manhattan. When rumors began circulating earlier this year that ferry service might end, Rockaway riders got busy and collected 2,000 signatures calling for continued service. 

The one way fare is $3.50.

A great way to get to Manhattan.

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