Recchia Kicks off "Kitchen Tables Tour"

Democrat Domenic Recchia, challenging embattled Republican Congressional Representative Michael Grimm in the 11th CD, will kick off a "Kitchen Table Listening Tour" with local residents at 7:30 PM at 8021 12th Avenue in Dyker Heights.

Recchia's next stop will be at 887 Tyssens Lane in Staten Island's New Dorp Beach later this week. Additional stops in the coming week will be announced in the next few days. Press access is RSVP only.

During his tour of the 11th CD, which includes Staten Island and South Brooklyn, Recchia, in a series of home visits, will meet with families at their kitchen tables and listen directly to their concerns. What working families across Staten Island and Brooklyn are talking about in their kitchens is what Congress should be talking about in Washington and what he wants to focus on in his campaign, Recchia said.

The people of Staten Island and Brooklyn deserve a 24/7 commitment to complete the Hurricane Sandy rebuild, protect the city from future storms, create jobs, fix transportation and traffic problems, make college more affordable, and improve the school system, he said.

His decision to challenge Grimm came, Recchia said, after a dysfunctional Congress blocked a vote on federal assistance for storm victims for nearly 80 days.

RSVP to Sarah Weinstein / 603-325-0491 / sarah@recchiaforcongress.com.

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