Long Beach Rally for Wind Power

Right now, New York State is at an energy crossroads, facing a historic opportunity to build one of the nation's first offshore wind farms.

The state is considering a proposal for a Long Island wind farm 30 miles off Montauk point that would provide enough clean, offshore wind-generated electricity to Long Island to power 120,000 homes.

To highlight the prospect of a clean energy transition this big, Sierra Club volunteer Matt Kearns will run the 100 miles from Montauk Point to Long Beach in a single day.

Matt is running to bring attention to the chance that wind energy represents for Long Island.  

You can be part of it by rallying with more than 1,000 other New Yorkers at 80 West Broadway on the Long Beach Boardwalk (map) from 7-9 PM on June 14 to welcome Matt at the finish line and to send a message to Governor Cuomo to make offshore wind a reality this year.

Live music and a roster of exciting speakers.

For further information email David Alicea at david.alicea@sierraclub.org.

Offshore wind power facts from Environmental Advocates of New York.

Wind farm proposed off Rockaway.

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Sweetgum Thursday said...

Wow. How come no mention of the LNG import project (Port Ambrose) currently proposed for some of the same blocks as the potential rockaway windfarm?

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