Drinking with Your Dog in Brooklyn

A lot of Brooklyn dog owners want to be able to bring their buddies along to cafes and bars.  Well trained, well behaved dogs who have been "brunch trained" enjoy it too.

According to Doggy Academy's Sarah Westcott, "brunch training" your dog involves special training visits to your favorite watering hole.

Drop by your dog-friendly local bar in the middle of the day, when there are fewer distractions for your dog, Westcott advises, to work on your "down" command. Booze for you and treats for your dog should make the session a win-win.

So, where can you bring your dog? Here are some of Sarah's top Brooklyn spots:

The Gate, at 321 5th Avenue
Bar Great Harry, at 280 Smith Street
Mission Delores, at 4th Avenue and Carroll Street
Abilene, at 442 Court Street (outside seating only)

Check the Doggie Academy Facebook page for additional dog-friendly places.

Not sure if any Bay Ridge dog owners have come up with similar lists, but if you know of any local spots that welcome dogs, please feel free to share.

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