BRHS Oratorical Competition

All local students entering their senior year of high school in Sepember, 2014 are invited to enter the Bay Ridge Historical Society's Oratorical Competition on Wednesday, June 18. (Time and location TBA.)

Interested students must register for the contest no later than June 1 by completing the entry form posted to the BRHS website and Facebook page and either emailing it to Andrew@BayRidgeHistory.org or snailmailing it to BRHS Oratorical Contest, c/o Andrew Gounardes, 351 87th Street, Brooklyn 11209.

A panel of judges will evaluate contestants based on their performance of a famous historical speech from the 20th century, from 5 to 8 minutes in length, selected from the following list:
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. – “I Have a Dream”
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt – First Inaugural Address
  • John F. Kennedy – First Inaugural Address
  • Mario Cuomo – 1984 DNC Keynote Address
  • Douglas MacArthur – Farewell to Congress Address
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. – “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop”
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower – Farewell Address
  • Clarence Darrow – “Mercy for Leopold and Loeb”
  • Anna H. Shaw – “The Fundamental Principles of a Republic”
  • Robert F. Kennedy – Remarks on the Assassination of MLK, Jr.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt – “The Arsenal of Democracy”
  • Eugene Debs – 1918 Statement to the Court
  • Woodrow Wilson – “The Fourteen Points”
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt – “The Four Freedoms”
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. – “A Time to Break Silence”
  • Mary Terrell – “What it Means to be Colored”
  • Eleanor Roosevelt – “The Struggle for Human Rights”
  • Robert La Follette – “Free Speech in Wartime”
  • Ronald Reagan – 40th Anniversary of D-Day Address
  • John Lewis – “The Rights of Labor”
  • Newton Minow – “Television and the Public Interest”
  • Woodrow Wilson – League of Nations Farewell Address
  • Carrie Catt – Address to the U.S. Congress
  • Richard Nixon – Resignation Speech
  • Ronald Reagan – Brandenburg Gate Address
The first prize is $250, second prize $100 and third prize $50.

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