Union-Busting at Bay Ridge Verizon Store?

In a media release, City Council Member Vinnie Gentile reports that store managers at a Bay Ridge Verizon Wireless store, after learning that workers had petitioned the National Labor Relations Board to be represented by the Communication Workers of America (CWA), mounted a union-busting campaign.

In a letter to Verizon CEO/Chair Lowell McAdam, Gentile called on Verizon to back off, saying that the store had been interrogating workers one-on-one.

At least 61 workers at the store have voted to join CWA. The NLRB representation election is scheduled for May 14.

So far only 80 wireless technicians in New York City, out of more than 40,000 Verizon employees, are unionized.

Responding to Gentile's letter, Verizon said it was just making sure that its workers' rights were respected.

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