Recchia Slams "Grimm-Ryan" House Budget

On a strictly partisan 219-205 vote, the Republican-dominated U.S. House of Representatives has passed a budget drafted by Wisconsin Tea Party Republican Rep. Paul Ryan that would preserve defense spending while cutting taxes on the rich, repealing "Obamacare" and cutting social programs like Medicare and food stamps.

All House Democrats, and 12 Republicans, voted against the budget, which Ryan defended as an expression of "trust in individual Americans."

While all of Ryan's previous budgets have been defeated, they've been very effective at spreading fear of a Republican takeover of Washington. Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the ranking Democrat on the budget committee, called this year's budget Ryan's worst so far.

Probably the Ryan budget's most provocative measure is eliminating Medicare as we know it and substituting a "premium support" plan giving seniors cash to shop for private healthcare policies. Ryan contends his proposal would "save" Medicare. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called it "a path to ruin."

The Ryan budget achieves balance through $5.1 trillion in cuts to social programs like food stamps, student financial assistance and health care services for the poor, while largely sparing the Pentagon from cuts. It would reduce the current tax bracket structure to just two: 25% and 10%, with all corporations taxed at 25%.

In the next Congress, Ryan, term-limited as House budget chair, is expected to seek the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, which would give him vast jurisdiction over the health care system and the federal tax code.

Reacting to the passage of the Ryan budget at a presser in Staten Island today, Democrat Domenic Recchia, Jr., a candidate for Congress in the 11th CD -- who today submitted the signatures of over 6,100 registered Democrats to be listed the ballot -- protested the "devastating transportation and infrastructure cuts" in what he called the "Grimm-Ryan Budget", apparently because of Grimm's presumed Tea Party ties.

Commenting on the Ryan budget before formal adoption by the House, Recchia called it "reckless."

Ryan budget cuts of $172 billion in highway and public transportation funding over the next 10 years would cost 186,000 heavy construction and related jobs in 2015 alone, Recchia said, while increasing the economic impacts of traffic congestion. The billions in essential funding for infrastructure and transportation programs Ryan would cut are desperately needed in the 11th CD, Recchia said.

Among other cuts, the Ryan Budget would end grants to states that hire firefighters and emergency managers, cut education funding at all levels, defund the "wasteful" Violence Against Women Act, and cut medical research funding, said Recchia.


Tom Hilton, in an email commenting on this post, expressed exasperation with its references to Michael Grimm's presumed Tea Party ties. Grimm's Tea Party is over, Hilton said.

The cracks began to show in July, 2010, when Grimm compared the Staten Island Tea Party to a "mob with torches and pitchforks", he said.  Grimm had only pretended to be a conservative in order to recruit Tea Party members to work on his campaign, said Hilton. When Grimm again attacked the Tea Party in March of 2011, Mark Levin counterattacked in a national radio broadcast, he said.

According to Hilton, Grimm regularly attacks conservatives, who now count him as one of the three most liberal RINOS in Congress. Calling Grimm the Republican version of Michael McMahon, Hilton denied Grimm has any ties to the national Tea Party or to the betrayed Staten Island branch.

Hilton has posted about Grimm, who he terms a "liar" and a "corrupt fraud", on this Facebook page, on the Staten Island Politics Blog and in this opinion letter to the Staten Island Advance.

2nd Postscript:

Not satisfied with what I wrote in response to the above, Hilton followed up with
I am becoming convinced you do this deliberately. In the latest blog entry you again describe Michael Grimm as a "conservative Republican".  
Grimm is no conservative, as has been explained and proven; he is one of the most liberal RINOs in Congress. http://www.conservativevotingrecords.com/member/ny-grimm-michael/
If you meant to write "Conservative-Republican", as he was endorsed by the corrupt Conservative Party of Mike Long, please correct it. Although that is still misleading. Thank you,
Tom Hilton"
From where I stand, Mr. Hilton, Michael Grimm is both a conservative and a Conservative, so the distinction is lost on me, I'm afraid, but I've updated the post per your latest message.

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