Michael Grimm Indicted

As reported by the Washington Post based on a source familiar with the case, a Federal Grand Jury in the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn has brought back a sealed indictment against Congressional Rep. Michael Grimm (R-11th CD).

The indictment will be opened within the next few days, when Grimm will be given the opportunity to surrender.

Grimm and his attorney William McGinley, who confirmed the pending indictment, are said to be in talks with prosecutors.

McGinley, who called the indictment a "politically-driven vendetta", said that Grimm would eventually be "vindicated." Until then, he said, Grimm plans to stay in office.

Grimm's Democratic congressional challenger Dominic Recchia responded to the news by issuing a statement saying that he would keep campaigning as usual and let the federal authorities do their jobs. Today's news, Recchia said, hasn't changed his campaign strategy or his focus on job creation, better transportation options and better schools.

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