CAMBA Spring Food Drive on Indiegogo

The Emergency Food Pantry at CAMBA, at 1720 Church Avenue in Flatbush, has taken its spring food drive to the Web, mounting an Indiegogo page, "Harvest Against Hunger".

CAMBA's innovative food pantry, which serves 5,000 people a month, incorporates a hydroponic farm and fresh fruits and vegetables bought direct from upstate farmers.

The proceeds of the Indiegogo campaign will be used not just to buy the usual packaged foods, but to produce hydroponically-grown lettuce, bok choy, herbs and other vegetables, and to buy farm-fresh local produce.

Your $50 donation buys 80 servings of fresh vegetables (and helps local farmers);  your $75 donation buys 40 pounds of locally-harvested fruit; and a $100 donation buys enough growing cubes, nutrients and seeds to produce 80 hydroponic bok choy.

Now through April 30, your tax-deductible donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Feinstein Foundation.

Founded in 1977, the not-for-profit CAMBA now serves more than 45,000 individuals and families a year, providing a wide range of community services that includes economic, social and legal services.

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