Buster Keaton Short Films at Brooklyn Lyceum

On May 10 at 1 PM and 3 PM, the Brooklyn Lyceum, at 227 4th Avenue in Park Slope/Gowanus (corner of President / R to Union) will screen the classic Buster Keaton short films "The Rough House" (w/ "Fatty Arbuckle"); "Convict 13", and "Neighbors", from its heyday as Public Bath #7.

On sale in the Lyceum Cafe will be popcorn, cherry lime rickeys, bisquits (plain and bacon chedder), choco-chip cookies, and Intelligentsia Coffee paleo-expressos.

Tickets are $5. Available online only.  Buy tickets here.

For more information, email:  info@brooklynlyceum.com

The Lyceum's mind-bogglingly-convoluted legal troubles, seemingly on par with Jarndyce v. Jarndyce, are still writhing on in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

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