Zamperla Breaks Ground for New Thunderbolt at Luna Park

At the B and B Carousel Pavilion (West 15th Street and the Boardwalk) on Monday, March 10 at 12:30 12:00 PM, Zamperla president/CEO Alberta Zamperla and Central Amusement International/Luna Park president Valerio Ferrari will host a groundbreaking ceremony at Luna Park for the new Thunderbolt Roller Coaster, Coney Island's first new "loop" coaster since 1910.

At 12:30 PM, Kyle Kimball, from the New York City Economic Development Corporation,  and representatives from the Alliance for Coney Island, State Senator Diane Savino's office, and the office of State Assembly Member Alec Brook-Krasny, will speak.

The official dig to mark the building site begins at 1:15 PM.

At 2:15 PM, after the groundbreaking, there will be a reception, including a slideshow on the history and projected future of the Thunderbolt and a Q and A session.

The Thunderbolt, Luna Park's first-ever vertical lift steel roller coaster, will join its lineup at the official season opener on Memorial Day Weekend. The new coaster, taller and faster than the Cyclone, will be sited on the footprint of the original wooden Thunderbolt (1920s-1980s.)  The new Thunderbolt will be the first Coney Island coaster since 1910 to send riders upside-down in a vertical loop, and Coney's first custom coaster since 1927, when the Cyclone was launched.

Built by Zamperla S.p.A. and run by Luna Park operator Central Amusement International, the new Thunderbolt, standing 115' tall with 2,233 feet of track, will reach speeds of 55 MPH. The approximately 2-minute ride begins with a scream-inducing 90-degree vertical drop, followed by a 100-foot vertical loop, an 80' zero-g roll, a 112-degree over-banked turn, a unique heart-line dive, a corkscrew, and a series of airtime hills.


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