Broadway City's Deadliest Street

According to a report by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, based on federal crash data, cars killed 420 pedestrians in New York City from 2010-2012.

The study ranked Broadway, which logged 9 fatal pedestrian strikes, 7 of them above 99th Street, during that period,  #1 for pedestrian deaths.

Broadway also ranked "most dangerous for pedestrians" in two back-to-back years of a three-year study by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. According to the Campaign's executive director, heavily-trafficked Broadway is too wide for pedestrians to cross safely.

During a two-day period in January of this year, two pedestrians died on West 96th Street near Broadway. A bus turning off of Broadway onto 96th Street killed a 73-year-old man; and, after the mirror of an ambulance knocked down a 26-year-old woman, she was run over by a car as she lay on West 96th Street between Broadway and West End Avenue.

Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn's deadliest street, was ranked second runner-up by the report, with 6 pedestrian fatalities during the study period.

Mayor Bill de Blasio's "Vision Zero", which aims to reduce pedestrian deaths to zero within 10 years, is pretty ambitious when you consider, based on NYPD statistics showing even higher numbers than the federal data, that 434 pedestrians died on city streets between 2010 and 2012:  an average of 148 lives lost to traffic every year.

The city blew through that average in 2013:  according to the NYPD, 173 pedestrians died in traffic last year.

The article from the Daily News.

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