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Vendor Outreach

Producers of packaged food products are invited to submit marketing proposals for the lobby at the Brooklyn Lyceum at 227 4th Avenue, at the busy confluence of Park Slope and Gowanus.  Foot traffic peaks on weekday mornings and during events. 

Email proprietor Eric Richmond at info@brooklynlyceum.com to submit a sample of your prepared food product for review.

Chosen products will be sampled for up to 10 days, with feedback invited. You will get copies of the feedback after the sampling period.

Producers that make the final cut will be offered a consignment deal.


An evening of short (6 minutes or less) Gowanus-themed stories on March 20 at 9PM. Tickets are $5 with a purchase from the market.  You can buy tickets here.

Panel Discussion on Graphic Journalism

On May 10 at 6 PM, the Lyceum will host a panel discussion on graphic journalism in Brooklyn, past, present and future, with a TBA panel of comic artists and illustrators.

Cartoonists and illustrators are invited to submit their editorial cartoons for an online series and exhibit at the Lyceum in connection with the panel.

Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door. Buy tickets here.

"Pop-up Museum"

The Lyceum will host a series of curated "pop-up museums" (with art sales) on October 11, 12 and 13 featuring emerging artists in search of greater exposure.

You can submit your application here, together with as many as 5 examples of your work for consideration. (All pieces submitted must be priced under $500.) The application fee is $35.

More information is available here.  

Children's Programming Survey

The Lyceum, as part of researching a new children's programming initiative, has mounted a survey form here where you are invited to give feedback on all the children's programs and activities you have attended at the Lyceum. 

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