Community Board 10 at Shore Hill

At 7:15 PM on January 27, Community Board 10 will hold its regular monthly meeting at the Shore Hill Community Room, 9000 Shore Road in Bay Ridge.

On the agenda are:
  • an application by Starbucks to renew an enclosed sidewalk cafe permit at 7419 3rd Avenue; 
  • an application to extend a physical culture permit for 8701 4th Avenue; 
  • a report on an organic recycling program at CB 10; 
  • a report on the recently-passed local styrofoam ban; 
  • a report on the board's efforts to get traffic agents on 86th Street at 4th and 5th Avenues; 
  • a new wine and beer application for Zitos at 8518-20 3rd Avenue; 
  • a new wine and beer application for Mori Sushi at 8619 5th Avenue; 
  • a new wine and beer application for Shugun Sushi at 6201 11th Avenue; 
  • a new on-premises renewal application for Crown KTV at 848 64th Street; and
  • Arthur Maresca's application for a new SLA (?) at 10007 4th Avenue.

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