"The Black Box for Bikers"

According to the National Safety Council, bicycle collisions cost over $4 billion a year.

In 2010, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 618 American bicyclists died and 52,000 were injured in collisions with automobiles.

After at hit-and-run driver left its employee Jason Poindexter lying bloodied on the highway last year, the R-and-D department at media lab Chaotic Moon, of Austin, Texas took advantage of increasingly affordable digital-video gadgetry to create the "Helmet of Justice", featuring collision-activated 360-degree vision.

At the moment of impact, the helmet's seven embedded video recorders start rolling, collecting the evidence needed to identify the driver of the vehicle involved.

In most cases, the driver is at fault when a cyclist goes flying, but the video evidence could also establish that the cyclist is at fault.  

The Helmet of Justice is part of a growing trend among cyclists to wear video cameras as standard commuting gear. The most popular mobile video cam, the GoPro Hero, costs $250. 

The Helmet of Justice, apparently not yet in mass production, would retail for about $300.

The post from Oregon Live.

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