Regional Economic Development Council Grants Announced

In an email blast, State Senator Martin Golden has announced the third round of Regional Economic Development Council grants for New York City.

Brooklyn will directly benefit from the following grant awards:
  • Brooklyn Arts Council, $100,000 for the Creative Coalitions Initiative, to create arts infrastructure and economic development; 
  • Lutheran Family Health Centers, $179,618 to provide job-readiness and adult education through the Sunset Park/AmeriCorps Program; 
  • SUNY Downstate Technology Center, $125,000 to assist start-up businesses in the Brooklyn Biotech Certified Business Incubator;
  • Marine Park Golf Course, $502,900 for a rainwater harvesting and reuse system to reduce storm water runoff into Jamaica Bay; 
  • NYU Polytechnic, $125,000 to assist start-up businesses through the New York State Certified Incubator.
The Regional Councils were created in 2011 to reformat the state's approach to economic development from a top-down to a more community-based, performance-driven model. The initiative allows community, business, and academic leaders, as well as citizens in every region of the state, to develop strategic plans,
tailored to their region's strengths and resources, promising job creation and economic growth.

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