Hynes Huddles with Satmar Power Brokers

With Primary Day three weeks away, heredi blogger Failed Messiah reports that Brooklyn D.A. Charlie Hynes called a face-to-face with Satmar powerbrokers Lazar (Leo) Kestenbaum and Friedman (Moshe) Gabbai today.

According to Failed Messiah's confidential source, Hynes is calling in his Satmar markers.  The as-yet unconfirmed report is that Borough Park's Munkatcher Rebbe will convene a meeting of Brooklyn's heredi communities to denounce Hynes' primary challenger Ken Thompson, campaigning in the Catskills last weekend, as a dangerous anti-Semite.

The "anti-Semite" message, as voiced by Hynes mouthpiece David Greenfield, twists Thompson's campaign promise to do justice without regard to the defendant's race or ethnicity into a threat.

According to Failed Messiah, Hynes was also to meet today with Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum, the Kiryas Joel Satmar Rebbe who orchestrated his community's retribution against convicted child sex abuser Nechemya Weberman's teen victim.

On the meeting agenda, according to the blog, is a jail-free plea deal for Abe Rubin, charged with extorting money from Weberman's victim's future husband.

In a testament to the power of denial, Nechemya Weberman's wife of 30 years, mother of his 10 children, denies, despite having witnessed his victim's shocking testimony, that her husband, jailed for life, did anything wrong.  

The post from Failed Messiah.

This slavishly detailed endorsement from the Jewish Voice seems to have been written by the Hynes campaign.

But a Jewish Press online poll shows Thompson more highly regarded as a candidate.

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