Recchia, Schumer: Appoint Kelly to Head Homeland Security

In the wake of Janet Napolitano's sudden resignation as Director of the Federal Homeland Security Agency, City Council Member Domenic Recchia has joined U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer in calling for the appointment of  NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly as her replacement.

Recchia, who heads the council's finance committee, called Kelly highly-qualified for the job based on his distinguished record, the tough challenges he's addressed, and the unique skills he's acquired.   

The disasters, both natural and man-made, and the security threats, both domestic and international, that Kelly has confronted using cutting-edge methods and technology make him uniquely well-suited for the job, Recchia said.  Kelly also has the necessary managerial skills to supervise a multi-billion dollar budget and thousands of employees, said Recchia.

The post from Dominic Recchia on Facebook.

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