R Train Derailed by Year-Long Repair of Sandy-Damaged Tunnel

The MTA dropped the news yesterday that the Sandy-damaged tunnel that brings the R train, Bay Ridge's only subway line, into Lower Manhattan will close for repairs in August and won't re-open for over a year.

The R will run in two sections, one in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan/Queens, while the tunnel is closed.

Local City Council Member Vinnie Gentile called the move, which will affect commuters along Brooklyn's entire 4th Avenue corridor, "outrageous." Worst off, Gentile said, will be those who work south of Canal Street, who will need to transfer twice each way.

Except for overflowing platforms, commuters who can take the N, D or Q trains over the Manhattan Bridge won't be as affected by the closure.

Ironically, the MTA moved to close the East River subway tunnel due to chronic slowdowns on the R caused by signal damage due to the massive inflow of brackish water during the Sandy storm surge.

This would be the perfect moment to restore ferry service from the 69th Street Pier in Bay Ridge to Lower Manhattan.

The article from L Magazine.

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