68th Precinct Citizens' Patrol Recruitment Drive

The 68th Precinct is recruiting for a citizens' patrol in the area of Fifth Avenue from 70th to 79th Streets in Bay Ridge, where the NYPD has recently approved three new security cameras.

For several years now, the area has been the source of homeowner complaints about street crime.

Dr. Husam Rimawi and the Rev. Khader El-Yateem are credited with the idea for the patrol.

Members, who must be 18 years old, will support on-duty officers from the 68th Precinct similar to the way auxiliary police officers do.  They will receive cards and T-shirts from the NYPD identifying them as members of the citizens' patrol, and will be trained under the supervision of Capt. Richard DiBlasio, commander of the 68th Pct.

Volunteers will patrol in groups of four or five, looking out for reportable incidents in the precinct.  Members of the patrol will take no enforcement action, just report any incidents they see to the precinct.  The idea is to increase the community's presence on the street.

DiBlasio said that officers and auxiliary officers from the 68 have also been paying more attention to the area lately, especially during the 4 PM to 12 AM shift.

For more information about the Citizens' Patrol recruitment drive, contact the precinct.

The article from the Home Reporter.

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