Albanese: deBlasio Down with the Toll Brothers

Democratic mayoral candidate and former Brooklyn City Council Member Sal Albanese, commenting on Mayor Michael Bloomberg's recent press conference at the Gowanus Canal,  recalled how, just a few years ago, Bloomberg and then-City Council Member Bill deBlasio worked hand-in-hand to deliver the Gowanus to the Toll Brothers.

Bloomberg and deBlasio wanted the developers to handle the cleanup of the now-Superfunded Gowanus, Albanese said.  Thankfully, he said, the deal, which would have given the Toll Brothers -- now deBlasio campaign contributors -- exclusive rights to develop the area around the canal in exchange for a quick cleanup, failed.

DeBlasio, in a speech just last year, lamented the death of the Toll Brothers package deal, saying that he was proud to have stood by Bloomberg as the mayor "tried every play in the book" to save the Toll Brothers deal. DeBlasio looked away while the Bloomberg administration tried to turn a community that supported Superfunding by the EPA over to the Toll Brothers, said Albanese.

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