Albanese: Organized Public Opposition Saved LICH

Democratic mayoral candidate Sal Albanese, a former Bay Ridge City Council Member, credited organized community opposition for this afternoon's announcement by The State University of New York that it is withdrawing its plan to close Long Island College Hospital in Downtown Brooklyn.

In a media release after the announcement, Albanese, a strong critic of the SUNY plan, praised the nurses, doctors and patients of LICH, the elected officials, and the New Yorkers from across the five boroughs who together fought to keep the hospital open, refusing to concede.

They are an example, he said, of what it takes to protect the city's neighborhoods from creeping development, loss of public space, and loss of public institutions.

Albanese also praised SUNY for listening to the public and changing course.

The fight for LICH isn't over, Albanese said.  The next battle will be to ensure that the hospital isn't starved of funding, and that other public institutions across the city don't end up like LICH almost did.

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amy said...

Thank you Sal Albanese for being the very 1st mayoral candidate to speak out for LICH months ago and for standing (and marching miles) with us from the beginning of this crisis up to today.

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