PS 185 to Unveil Bottle Cap Mosiacs on Earth Day

Students on the "Go Green Team" at PS 185, at 8601 Ridge Blvd. in Bay Ridge, wanted to draw community attention to the problem of plastic litter.

Starting out by researching the question "Where does our trash go?", they learned that a lot of street litter ends up in the ocean, where it kills wildlife and damages the ecosystem.

To educate others about the problem of ocean trash, the Go Green Team, after brainstorming project ideas, chose to collect and recycle plastic bottle caps and lids and create bottle cap mosaics in the school's main stairwells.

As many as 15,000 bottle caps and lids will be needed to complete the project, to be designed and constructed by the entire student body with help from parents and the Go Green Team.

The completed murals will unveiled at PS 185's Earth Day celebration on June 12.

The team hopes the project will help PS 185 students and their families, as well as local businesses and elected representatives, understand how much plastic we use each day -- and learn to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Families collecting plastic for the project have been surprised how much they use on a daily basis.


PS 185 will mark the school's Earth Day on June 12 with the unveiling of the student-made bottle cap mosiacs and a native plant garden on the school grounds, created with plants donated by the Staten Island's Greenbelt Native Plant Center and Bay Ridge's Narrows Botanical Gardens.

The school will use the garden as an outdoor classroom.

At 1 pm on June 12, the Go Green Team, the school administration and several local dignitaries host a ceremony in the school auditorium, featuring a short film highlighting this year's Go Green activities, the unveiling of the student murals and the native plant garden, and a short reception.

For more information, contact Adele Doyle of PS 185 Go Green Team at ps185garden@aol.com.

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