Coalition for Carroll Gardens Raises Funds for Housing Solutions Fight

In October last year, landlord Alan Lapes, former Department of Homeless Services Commissioner Robert Hess, city contractor Housing Solutions/Aguila, and the city Department of Homeless Services moved to turn a Lapes-owned condo building at 165 West 9th Street in Carroll Gardens into a homeless shelter for 170 single men -- under conditions that the Coalition for Carroll Gardens calls "unsafe and illegal."

CCG enlisted the support of local elected officials to write protest letters to DHS and to city Comptroller John Liu calling for a follow-up audit of DHS; scored a front-page article in the New York Times exposing what CCG says are mismanagement and sleazy practices at Lapes-owned city shelters; and won a temporary restraining order halting the shelter.

But with the city experiencing record homelessness and Lapes facing the loss of a contract that would net him $250,000 month, CCG expects a hard fight.

CCG is calling on its Brooklyn neighbors to contribute to its legal fund. You can make a donation online here.  You can also donate by check payable to:
Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association
Attn: RY Management
505 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11231
All checks are tax deductible.

CCG's next court date is March 15.

Update 3/19/13

The March 15 hearing was adjourned at the request of the city's Corporation Counsel.

The TRO remains in place. (link)

CCG sees the lawsuit as the best way to shine a light on the city's plans for 165 west 9th Street and what it calls the illegal, unsafe conditions underlying the proposal by DHS and its profiteering friends.

During the adjournment, CCG will continue raising money to pay its legal fees.  To help keep the case alive, you can donate to the CCB legal fund.

Click here to donate.

Lapes and his cronies, said CCG, won't go away voluntarily.

Update 3/22/13

CCG reports receiving concerned emails about construction going on at 165 west 9th St.  Lapes has apparently gotten a work permit from the DOB to begin renovating the building to accommodate a "non profit with sleeping accommodations." So the group believes that Lapes and DHS are going forward during the adjournment.

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